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button With heatable thermostat (30-41 C°)
button Made of pine.
button Changing water every 3 month is sufficient (filter is provided).
button Concentrated brine 200 g salt/liter.
button Can be ordered with wooden stairs or podium (there are stairs in it as well).

Terapeutical effects:

button general  regeneration of the fatigued body, maintenance of joints, muscles
button rheumatism, joint and muscle pains, regeneration of muscles
button bone problems, spine and waist pains
button deep cleaning of the skin
button treatment of herpes
button regeneration, hydration of the skin
button psoriasis, eczema, allergic symptoms  of the skin
button skin with spots and other problems, bug bite
button orange skin, post partum striae
button fungal infection of the skin, onychomycosis
button dilatation of the capillary vessels (hyperaemia), haemorrhoids
button dandruff, falling of hair, greasy hear, dry, overused hair
button asthma, allergic symptoms of the airways
button gynaecologic diseases of  fungal, bacterial origin
button pollen allergy
button cardiac arrythmia
button regularization of blood pressure

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