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For completing the treatment with medication of the patients having diseases of the airways, we got a line widely about possibility of the completive therapies.
The salt berth is a chamber  whose climate is almost similar to that of natural salt caves such as the ambience of the salt mine of Praid, and this way it can be successfully applied to cure and to ease the symptom sof  the diseases of the airways (asthma, bronchitis), chronic inflammation   of the maxillary sinus. But it can be equally useful to the person who doesn’t have any of these or similar diseases, he/she just lives in a polluted big city. 

The salt crystals of microscopic size  circling in the air of the salt berth stick on the surface of the respiratory organs helping their self-purification and their most effective functioning. You do not have to definitely go to a salt cave or take a journey to the sea, You can make your own salt room, with which you can set back or preserve the health of Your family!

The results of the saltroom-therapy:

button  in case of the asthmatics the number and intensity of paroxysms reduce, inflammation ceases, one can reach the respirational function having total value, the intensity of the blood oxygen supply of lungs 
button  in case of allergic people  normalizes the histamine- and IgE -level generating symptoms
button  intensified resistency
button  the immune system of the organism can be restored
button it can be recommended for the treatment of the inflammation of the maxillary sinus, inflammation of paranasal sinus, bronchitis, ear inflammation, inflammation of vocal chords, and for smokers.
button eases the oxygen change processes and reactions, in which there is present the cholesterol as well, it leads to the definitive oxidation of the latter, respectively quits through the processes of metabolism
button  by the effect exercised on the internal, reflectoric apparatus of the bronchia, there can be sensed the positive effect on the vasotone reactions and functions of the cardio-vasculary system: the tonus of the blood vessels ameliorates, the nutrient process of tissues normalizes, the adaptational-protectional and compensatory mechanisms acquire full value. 

The effectiveness during the application of the therapy  is exceptional. According to the research in Solotvyno (Ucraine) there were 88-90 adults who sensed important amelioration, in case of children this number is 90-96. As result of this therapy absolute, one can reach symptom-free recovery!


Every internal shaping has to be planned individually according to the structure, internal surface, wall structure of the building.   The usable salt quantity is greately influenced by the room and its volume. 

The design  is exclusively made by the producer !!!

Recourse to us with confidence, we are waiting for Your interest.

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