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candela de sareThe salt candle holders are perfect source of negative ions indispensable for the health. The candle in the salt chump heats the chump, this way it emits negative ions, setting back the balance of the ions in the air, ensuring easier and healthier respiration.  The excessive content of positive ions causes discomfort, psychic weakness, sleeplessness, and can also cause the weakening of the immune system. They are available in several sizes and colours. The specific light of the candle holders ensure a pleasant and calm ambience.

The candleholders emit a pleasant, athmospheric light. The harmonious colours have a benefic and  stress solvent effect on body and soul as well. The salt candleholders are considered ion-changers, that is they ameliorate the climate of the room, as they charge the air with the ions that have a good effect on life functions.   By using them we sense a freshness in the air that is sensible at the seaside or after a tempest.

There is no more plausible method to make the air of our home healthier than by using a natural “ionizator”.   It was proven by scientific research that the biophysical characteristics of the salt lamp have a positive effect on the human way of feeling. These positive characteristics are based on natural ionization, on electromagnetic vibrancy and on the lightwaves originating from the transparent crystalline structure. Salt has a neutralizing and equaling  effect both from chemical and physical point of view.  The salt crystals transmit lifeblood negative ions to the air of the room and radiate bioenergetic power which positively effect our health, being source of our daily energy.

Therapeutical effects:

button  diseases og the airways
button  allergies of the airways (pollen, feather, floss...)
button  asthma
button  cold, bronchitis
button  maxillary sinusitis
button  irritations caused by smoking
button  snoring
button  cardiac arrythmia
button  regularization of blood pressure

The salt candle holder is important according to  Feng-Shui as well, as it unites the three primordial elements: the Water (primordial sea), the Earth (the salt of the earth) and the Fire  (the reddish colour), which harmonizingly and vitalizingly effect  the Air as the fourth primordial element.

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