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caramida de sareIts effect is similar to that of the salt lamp.
It can be useful on radiator, convector respectively on tile stove. The heating energy of the heating source warms the brick, this way it emanates negative ions, which regulates the balance of ions ensuring easier and healthier respiration.

1. Put some bricks in front of a small lamp, night lamp or any kind of light source, and their heating energy warm the bricks and you can also create a pleasant, dim moodlight.

2. As the heating season begins we can put them on the radiator, convector, tile stove. This way we deprive ourselves of the pleasant vision of light, but it meets its target succesfully.

3. Salt bricks can be used in construction as their name show, for example for edifying part of a wall, space divider or even for the construction of a whole salt room or salt berth.  This way we can create not just a nice surface, but a healthy and stimuli-free airspace in our home, restaurants, wellness centers. We gladly offer help about the special incorporation of salt bricks. 

The bioenergy of the salt crystals effects:

button  kidneys
button  nerves
button  blood detoxication
button  strengthening nervous system
button  on slowing the processes of growing old

Recommended for the construction of:

salt sauna, door frame, for coating, stairs and heaters, respectively for constructing salt berths.

caramizi de sare

Therapeutic effect:

button  diseases of the airways
button  allergies of the airways (pollen, feather, flakes...)
button  cold, bronchitis
button  maxillary sinisitis
button  irritations caused by smoking
button  snoring
button  cardiac arrytmia
button  regularization of blood pressure

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