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cura de lichid sarat KristalThe bag contains 0,5 kilos of salt.

Preparation of the  26% salted saturated solution:

The solution does not need special conditions of storage because it has unlimited term of validity. The salted solution is completely sterile, no fungi, germs or bacteria live indise it. Therefore the solution obtained may be used various types of treatment.

Treatment with salted liquid

From the prepared 26% salted solution, put a small spoon in a glass and fill it with 2 or 3 dl of high quality mineral water (the spoon should be made of wood, porcelain or ivory). The solution thus obtained may be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.
You may also dissolve a small spoon of 26% solution in a bottle of water to be drunk during the day. The persons who have signs of tumultuous detoxification (for example diarrhea) may ad at the beginning the solution under the form of drops, increasing daily the water quantity.
For children a few drops of this solution are enough.
In this treatment, in order to obtain a positive effect, the most important things are the quality and regularity of the salt crystal, not its quantity. The salted solution has the capacity to maintain the vibration mode of the salt crystal within the organism for 24 hours.
The treatment with the salted liquid is not to be followed for a limited period. The use of the expression “treatment with liquids” is not correct because the salted solution may be used during the entire life preventively and in order to have a healthy life.

The effects of the treatment with liquids are the following:

button The salted liquid is also a “liquid sun”, meaning energy by light.
button The salt transmits a model of frequency, meaning the energy that stops the lack of energy and as a consequence, it eliminates the disease.
button It builds the organism’s system of electrolytes by the improvement of conductibility. This influences positively the blood circulation.
button Through the nervous system it transports the electric energy to the brain, thus being directly responsible for cerebration. It helps to eliminate concentration disturbances, chronic headaches or sleeping problems.
button It starts the vermicular actions of the stomach.
button It generates the metabolism, as a consequence having a positive effect in case of diseases caused by metabolism disturbances. For example: diabetes, obesity, etc.
button It generates the digestion, thus helping in case of digestive problems.
button It acts as a stabilizing force in case of hyper or hypotension.
button It has a stabilizing effect for the organism’s content of acids, as a consequence helping to the elimination of the mycotic infections caused by acidity. For example: vaginal mycosis, fungic infections of nails.
button The salt as well as “the Calgon pellet” of the organism breaks the molecular links by element ionization. Afterwards, the organism may use them for the metabolism and may choose them. It removes the deposits, layers, sclerosis, kidney or bile stones, rheumatic problems, gout.
button It has a detoxifying effect. It has the capacity to “wash” the heavy metals of the organism. Detoxification is achieved rhythmically. In the beginning, broken toxins may cause a state of sickness.
button Salt also helps at skin recovery.
button The salt crystal is a natural antihistaminic, removes the deposits, for example asthma, bronchitis.
button It consolidates the immunity system, thus helping at recovery in case of allergies.
button It kills fungi, germs and viruses, for example herpes, vaginal mycosis.
button It activates the self-recovery forces in cases of skin diseases, metabolism deviations, digestive problems, locomotive diseases, kidney or bladder diseases.


button in cases of allergies
button heart and blood circulation problems
button sleeping problems
button stress
button skin care
buttonteeth and mouth care

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