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“KRISTAL” bath salt

The miraculous effects of the salt of Praid

kristal de sareSalt has other role in our organism besides the regulation of hydration, for example: Salt is a natural antihistamine. In case of asthma is equally effective as the inhalation-spray, but it has no side effects. In case of an asthma paroxysm drink two-three glasses of water and put a little bit of natural salt on the tongue. Salt protects cells, especially the brain cells from acidification.

Salt helps and protects our skin excellently. Our whole body is covered by skin from the exterior. It is our biggest organ with its surface of 2 m2 and its weight of approximately 2 kgs. Our skin is not only a sense-organ, but given its structure has a protecting role as well. It protects us from the mechanic effects, regulates the temperature of the body. The acidic chemical effect of the secretion of the skin’s glands constitute a chemical protecting shell against infections. Our skin has a significant role in the way we feel every day and in our interpersonal relationships.The diseases of our skin have a special effect on how we feel, as it is a visible organ. A skin with spots and pimples can become subject of mockery, which later can lead to serious personality disturbance. The treatment of the skin with salt ameliorates the way we feel and we can prevent diseases by it.

The kidneys need salt in order to cut back the exceeding acids and in order to excrete them through the urine. If the organism lacks salt it becomes more and more acidic.
Salt is important in treating psychic and emotional disturbances. Lithium used in the treatment of depression tries to replace salt. Salt has an important role in the brain in what the constant sustenance of the serotonine and melatonine level is concerned.

If there is enough water and salt in the organism, then as natural antioxidants clear away the toxic excreta, this way the organism doesn’t have to sacrifice essential amino-acids like tryptophane and tyrosine. The tryptophane is the one necessary for constituting serotonine, melatonine and tryptamine.

Salt is necessary in the prevention and treatment of cancer. The cancerous cells perish in the presence of oxygen. These are so to say anaerob organisms, which need an oxygen-free medium. If there is enough water in the organism salt raises the quantity of blood. So the oxygen reaches everywhere with the circulating blood, and the immune cells activated and motivated this way access the cancerous tissue and destroy it. Dehydration weakens the immune system.

Salt is important in the sustenance of the musculature and nick.
Salt diminishes cardiac arrythmias and has an important role in the regulariztion of blood pressure. The proportion water:salt is very important. The nourisment weak in salt associated with high consumption of water may lead to high blood-pressure in case of certain people. The logic is simple. If You drink water, but You don’t eat salt, there will not remain enough water in the circulation in order to entirely fill the blood vessels up. Salt is important in case of sleeping disturbances as it is a natural sedative.

In case of diabetes salt helps to keep the blood sugar level in balance and diminishes the insuline need. Water and salt reduces the impairments concerning the eyes and of the cardiovascular system. Cells need salt in order to generate the hydroelectric energy as salt is the one which transports the electric current to cells.

Salt plays an important role in the connection between neurons and in the procession of information. Salt is needed to digestion and to the absorption of nutrients.

Consequently the salt:

button Salt cleans lungs, bronchia and helps rip rheum open. Salt dissolves, softens the mucus in the lungs (Asthma, Emphysema, Mukoviszidose)
button If put on the tongue, salt stops dry cough.
button Salt is needed to rip the catarrh and the crusts of the maxillary sinus open.
button Salt plays an important role in the prevention of gout and arthritis.
button Salt encumbers cramps of muscles.
button Salt encumbers the excessive production of saliva. The excessive production of salt signals the lack of salt.
Osteoporosis can be traced back in certain cases to the lack of salt.
button Salt is needed to tonify bone structure.
buttonAs salt plays a role in the constant sustenance of the serotonine and melatonine level and these regulate the way we feel, for example: self confidence, positive thoughts, salt influences our personality indirectly.
button Salt is important in the preservation of the libido.
buttonSalt helps in the reducing of jowl as because of the lack of salt the salivary glands produce more saliva in order to help mastication and swallowing and in order to supply enough water to the stomach for decomposing nutritients.
buttonThe circulation increases in the salivary glands and the blood vessels become permeable in order to supply the glands with more water for the sake of the elevated saliva production. The blood vessels become permeable not only around the glands, but in the neck, chin and face, and water accumulates in these places.
buttonSalt protects against the fissure of the varicose veins and capillary vessels. In case of asthmatics it is important to mention that eventhough salt important, excessive Calium is all the more harmful. The fruits containing lots of Calium, for example orange, banana and sport drinks may cause asthma paroxysms. This is why it is subservient to salt these a little bit in order to sustain the balance between Natrium and Calium.
button Before making sports a small amount of salt increases the capacity of the lungs and impedes the excessive sweating.