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namol"Silt is soil, that thinks, wich bears soul. Silt is like the turqoise, a mineral element, wich has the capacity to hold together which otherwise would fall apart. Silt is a musical instrument, which can collect light and conjures sun out of it." (Pierre Derlon)

The black,salty "Kristal" silt of Praid composition:

Water, mineral materials soluble in water, salt (NaCl), CaSO4, Cacl2, Magnesium, Ferrum, trace elements, firm substratum (in silt-like materials of animal, vegetal origin).

Therapeutical effects:

button Aspirates from the organism the toxines through the skin, laces and neutralizes them.
button Makes skin firmer, ameliorates blood supply and regulates the pH value of the skin
button The cold stimulus generates a pleasant sense of warmness hereby the temperature of skin increases with 10 grades in approximately 10 minutes.
button By the pressure applied on the body (the weight of one liter silt mash is 1885 g)  ameliorates the circulation of the internal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, lungs and heart), this way the intake of oxygen increases and more urine is excreted.
button By the pressure applied on the leg veins, that is the alternation of applying pressure and relieving veins get trained.
button Increases the blood sugar metabolism (intensifies the functioning of the pancreas/liver) and the activity of the thyroid.
button As it touches skin directly, transmits to it the vibrancies of the earth.
button Thanks to the increased flexibility of the tissues (especially the tendons and other tissues made of collagen) rigidity diminishes.  
button Circulation increases in tissues and the reacting capacity of the organism also increases.
button Low  blood pressure – compress on the wrist
button Sleeping difficulties – warm compress on the underarm
button Lumbago  – warm compress on the waist
button Bowel torpidity
button Gall PROBLEMS
button Lack of appetite
button Head-ache: lukewarm compress on the forehead
button Tooth-ache: hot external application
button Tinnitus: warmly to the vicinity of the auricle
button Diarrhea
button Back and spine pain
button Arthritis
button Fever
button Cold: hot compress on the neck
button Sprains
button Nausea
button Bug bite
button Variceous  veins

Sweat comes out from all our pores.  Our body is thickly covered by the silt-layer. Our organism works with huge energy, our sleeping immunity and selfhealing forces come to life again. This costs much of our power, but we also feel that our body relaxes entirely...

The inhabitants of the area have been exploiting the healing power of the silt for 2500 years. The hot silt compress impedes inflamations, and helps prevent diseases by activating metabolism and by strengthening the immune system. The arthrosis, rheumatisms, some inflamative diseases which are not in the acute stage (psoriatic arthritis,  inflammation of the tendons) respectively some muscle diseases can be successfully treated by this method. 

Against septicaemia there is no better cure than the silt compress, as it aspirates all the toxines from the the wound.
Besides the compress the rubbing sitting bath is very effective as well. Water is splattered manually between the two legs to the abdomenal area, then with gentle massage is fondled downwards (50-100 times).  

Silt is compressed directly to the skin and it is very effective in case of rheumatic diseases. This kind of use of the natural materials is called natural cosmetics, its special branch being the use of the geotherapeutic materials.  

According to the physician’s recommendation the compress can be holistic or partial. The temperature of the silt is generally 40 degrees Celsius.
The warm silt is exceptionally relaxing and this intensifies the circulation of the whole body. It is used by many visitors who do not have any motoric diseases. The duration of the treatment: 20 minutes.

The warm silt facilitates the absorbtion of liquids and the rolling back of inflammations on the chronically congested areas. The excessive warmth can worsen though the acute inflammation.
Cold though eases the acute inflammation. This is why the silt is considered basic treatment for fresh sprains, strains or luxation.   Reduces the sensation of soreness, which probably relates to the phenomenon of the opposite incentive, when the pain sensors  get torpid or the inflammation  diminishes.

After applying  the silt compress, tranquillity is indispensable.  We should rest at least half an hour, or if it’s possible a whole hour under cover, and sweat! We can also sleep during this time.

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