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At the end of the XXth century the number of the allergic, asthmatic and other diseases concerning the airways increased explosively, because our respirational system is reached by irritating pollutional factors every day. The harmful effects of air pollution are simply  unavoidable so it is unambiguous that our airways need cleaning and maintenance just as our skin, hair etc.

The cave therapies are very successful because while inhaling the minute salt crystal solutions we almost clean and what’s very important, we calm, regenerate the whole respirational system. These therapies are though very expensive, take time and they are location dependent. The salt pipe is a patented device with which you can reach all the advantages of the salt crystal therapy everywhere in your spare time.   

By using the salt pipe daily for 10-20 minutes we can influence favourably: 

button the allergies of the airways (pollen, feather, flake...)
button asthma, bronchitis
button cold
button maxillary sinusitis
button the irritations caused by smoking

The device is very appropriate to complete the salt crystal therapy with volatile oil therapy. If we pour the fraction of a drop of volatile oil on the lower ceramic filter of the salt pipe we can further intensify the favourable physiologic effect of the salt crystals, as the volatile oils selected in an appropriate way have regenerating, cleaning and calming effect as well. For example: myrrh, eucalipt, peppermint etc. In case of the use of volatile oils the lower filter of the device may  discolourate, which does not influence the functioning of the salt pipe.

The active substance of the device: appr. 5-6 dkg of selected  halit  salt crystals from the middle myocene era


NaCl 98.80%-99.40%, Ca2+ 0.059%, Ca in CaSO4 0.18%, Ca in CaCl2 0.014%, Mg2+ 0.001%, Mg in MgCl2 0.004%
Use of the device:       
The pipe part of the salt pipe has to be put into the mouth and this way air should be inhaled through the mouth, exhalation being pursued through the nose with normal intensity. By this operation the mix of salt crystals reach the upper airways cleaning this way the whole respirational system. 

Inhaling through the device, we solve the salt crystals being in it on mikron level. This way the active substance preserved in the salt crystals for 20-22 million years can set forth their effect even in the most hidden nooks of the airways-system. The colourful dots on the side of the salt pipe are for distinguishing: if there is more than one salt pipe used in one family, they can be differentiated by these dots. 

The salt pipe can be used paralelly with any kind of medication as it contains natural salt crystals exclusively. 

Eventhough it contains iodine, it evaporates with inhalation in such small microgramms, that it cannot cause any problems to people suffering of this disease. 

People with high blood pressure can use it as well, as it evaporates with inhalation in such small microgramms that the quantity of salt reaching the organism does not influence blood pressure. 

Pregnant women can also use it as it contains natural salt crystal mix exclusively.

The salt pipe can be used from the age of 2. Even younger children could use it, it is only important for them to understand that air must be inhaled through the mouth and exhaled through the nose. It is quite difficult to explain this to children younger than 2.

Protect the salt pipe from humidity and vapour, so it is not expedient to store it in the bathroom or the kitchen. In no way should you drop it to the water as the salt crystals will harden and it gets ruined.

It is guaranteed that the device contains active substance sufficient for 5 years.

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