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Our whole body is covered by skin from the exterior. It is our biggest organ with its surface of  2 m²  and its weight of approximately 2 kgs. Our skin is not only a sense-organ, but given its structure has a protecting role as well. It protects us from the mechanic effects, regulates the temperature of the body.

Our organism can regenerate itself if we offer this possibility. The crystal salt has an equalling effect, sets the acid- base household, that’s why when grooming skin with crystal salt, homeostasis begins.  

After a while skin is capable of developing a protecting layer – which is individual for each of us – and of setting the PH value of the skin appropriate for the individual in cause. 

Our skin is capable of accomplishing this beginning from our birth but by using creams this characteristic is permanently stifled.

The easiest way to apply crystal salt on our skin is by using a salt soap. 

Salt soap is a chump of crystal salt  having the shape of a salt, it got its name like this. It is crystal salt 100 %, it doesn’t contain any chemicals. Apply the wet salt soap on  the clean wet skin or directly. Let it dry and do not rinse it !!!

Important: After using the salt soap, DO NOT  use creams!

After regular washing, rub the wet skin with salt soap. The crystallized salt can be wiped off but never wash it, becsause it sets the pH value of the skin.
One salt soap is sufficient for 10 months.          

Applying the salt soap:

button For daily grooming of the face and skin
button To set the natural pH-value of the skin
buttonIn case of dry respectively greasy skin: Contrary to the beliefs, salt does not dry skin, but it closes humidity to the cells. In case of greasy skin, a healthy production of tallow sets in.
button For problematic, spot-covered respectively for teenager skin

In case of spot-covered or problematic skin count  on an initial relapse because of cleaning, detoxication, which is one of the signs of the homeostasis.  Spots respectively boils wear away without scar in 2-3 weeks. The skinpores knit, so fewer pimples will spring up.

button In case of skindiseases  for example: eczema, fungal diseases, allergy

Do not plaster directly with salt soap the lesion-covered, inflammated skin surface, as it can excoriate the skin. Apply salt to the wet skin  from the hands.

button After shaving
button Use salt soap instead of after shave lotion
button It calms the skin and stops rudiness. By permanent use the inflammation of hair follicle cease as well
buttonFor hand grooming.
button For treating herpes: Because of the antivirus effect of the salt, it is exceptionally good for the treatment and respectively for the prevention of herpes. Apply the wet salt soap on the sore skinsurface.  The oftener we plaster, the quicker it goes away or dries the blister. Scars cease without trace in 2-3 days.
buttonIn case of bugbite: Plaster the place of the bite with the wet salt soap. It soothes skin.
button As a deodorant: plaster the armpit with the wet salt soap, then rub the crystallized salt.  Because of the bacterium-annihilating effect of the salt, it impedes the prolification of the bacteria causing unpleasant smells.

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